eBay integration tutorial

PostPony ecommerce platform is released now.

Sellers of Amazon, eBay and Shopify now can connect their online stores to PostPony ecommerce platform to sync orders, create shipment, and print shipping labels, namely, fulfil the orders. This platform is completely free with steep USPS discount.

Below is the eBay integration tutorial.

1. Register or login PostPony ecommerce platform here

2. Click settings

3. Click Add new


4. Choose eBay

5. You can see “Connect your eBay Store”, enter a store name in the field of Store Aliases and choose“Ship From Address”, and then click Connect button.

6. You can see a eBay login page, log in your eBay store.

7.After successful login, click Agree button.

8. After eBay authorization is completed, go back to PostPony ecommerce platform, click “Authorized Completion”.

After those steps, you eBay orders will be imported automatically and kept sync every several minutes. You can create shipments for your orders and print shipping labels & picklists. Now you are using PostPony ecommerce platform to streamline your workflow.

You can contact me anytime you have problems by email at will@postpony.com or find the livechat button on our homepage https://www.postpony.com/

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